Introduction of School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy founded in 1959 as the Department of Pharmacy at Lanzhou Medical College, was remerged into Lanzhou University in 2004. The School consists of six research institutes: Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Institute of Pharmacy, Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Institute of Pharmacognosy, and Institute of Microbiology and Institute of Biochemical Pharmacy and Molecular Pharmacology. In 2011, Pharmaceutical Research Center and the Undergraduate Experimental Center were set up in the School.

College currently has 60 staff, 45 of which are faculty members, including 8 professors, 17 associate professors, and 20 assistant professors. Among them, 28 members are doctorate holders, accounting for 62% of the total number of teachers. Additionally, there are 5 Ph.D. supervisors and 39 master instructors (part-time staff included). One of the faculty has been selected for the new century talents support plan by the Ministry of Education. School of Pharmacy has an annual enrollment of more than 150 undergraduate students, more than 50 postgraduate students, and 3-5 doctoral candidates. Currently, there are totally about 500 students in the school.

Pharmacy discipline is one of the key disciplines in the Education Department of Gansu Province. Under the pharmacy discipline, there are six master-level secondary disciplines, i.e. medicinal chemistry, pharmacy, drug analysis, pharmacognosy, microbial and biochemical pharmacy, and pharmacology. After the first level discipline of pharmacy was approved, a joint doctoral program in medicinal chemistry with the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Lanzhou University was authorized by the Ministry of Education and started to enroll students in 2010. At same time, the collaboration among the School of Pharmacy, the General Hospital of Lanzhou Military Region, and the Drug Control Institute of Gansu Province Food and Drug Administration resulted in the formation of two joint training bases for graduate students majoring in pharmacy. And the bases have started the enrollment of students from 2008.

Since 2009, the school has undertaken 10 projects of the NSFC and been awarded with 3 provincial and ministerial rewards. In the past five years, 48 SCI papers have been published. Furthermore, 4 invention patents were granted, and 2 monographs have been successfully complied, one of which is 《Gansu Chinese herbal medicine resources》.

In 2010, Qinbo Building, where the School of Pharmacy located, were conducted a comprehensive revamp. As a result, infrastructures have been greatly improved. In recent years, through the support of the "985 Project" and "Project 211" program, a number of advanced teaching and research instruments have been equipped, and the largest Chinese herbal medicine library in Gansu Province was set up. To date, the total assets have reached more than 10 million.

The School of Pharmacy has good international cooperation and exchanges, and employed many famous foreign scholars as the Cuiying Professors or part-time professors to guide our teaching and research. The school also hired an international biopharmaceutical team as a part-time professor in order to promote the development of biopharmaceuticals and other new research areas. Furthermore, a biopharmaceutical international scientific and technological cooperation base has been successfully applied from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

After 50 years of construction and development, the School of Pharmacy is becoming one of the most important drug research and personnel training bases in northwest region of China, and possessing strong academic influence around the world.

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