Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis

Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis is a professional research institute in School of Pharmacy, Lanzhou University. It locates in the northwest of China and its subjects in the study include traditional Chinese medicine, chemical drug, food and et.al. The institute focuses on the establishment and development of novel analytical methods and techniques for pharmaceutical analysis, therapeutic drug monitoring, drug stability indication, drug quality standards improvement and drug impurity identification. The institute also provides technique services for enterprises and hospitals in discovery of new drugs and in application for new preparations of medical institutions. The research directions of the institute mainly cover the following specific areas: (1) new analytical technologies and methods, including but not limited to, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), capillary electrophoresis (CE) and thin layer chromatography (TLC) for drug analysis; (2) research and development of new drugs and hospital preparations; (3) new drug analytical methods for clinical drug monitoring. (4) microfluidic chips for separation and analysis of drugs; (5) screening and detection of disease biomarkers.

The institute has a long history. The Department of Pharmacy was established by the former Lanzhou Medical College (it was merged into Lanzhou University in 2004) in 1959 and the first undergraduate students of pharmacy were enrolled since then. Prof. Jingfen Zhong, faculty of Section of Pharmaceutical Analysis, School of Pharmacy, former Lanzhou Medical College, gave course of Pharmaceutical Analysis to undergraduate students of pharmacy for the first time. After adjustments of colleges in the nation, the institute was closed down. In 1971, the former Lanzhou Medical College was reopened and the Department of Pharmacy resumed the recruitment of undergraduate students of pharmacy. The course of Pharmaceutical Analysis was also reopened as a major pharmaceutical professional course for undergraduate students of pharmacy. During this period, the faculties of section of Pharmaceutical Analysis were associate professor Peien Zhan, professor Shengyu Duan, associate professor Zhenhua Li, associate professor Baoqin Niu and associate professor Jingwei Gong. Senior experimenter Lina Xu, Yinglong Li, Changqing Sun, Ying Wang Yulin Zhang and other teachers prepared the undergraduate student experiments of Pharmaceutical Analysis in this period. In 2004, Lanzhou Medical College was merged into Lanzhou University. In 2005, the Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis was established on the basis of the section of Pharmaceutical Analysis and the section of Natural Medicinal Chemistry of the Department of Pharmacy of the former Lanzhou Medical College. Professor Shilan Feng was the first director of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis. In December 2017, The Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis was divided into two institutes: the Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis and the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicines.

Now, the director of Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis is Professor Yuming Dong. Subsequently, the Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis try to seek cooperation with companies and some famous universities and Lanzhou Universty-Techcomp (China) Ltd Joint Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analysis was founded based on the Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis in April 2018. The Institute currently has modern analytical instruments such as HPLC, GC, and CE and these instruments can meet the basic requirements for scientific research and routine teaching.

The institute currently has 2 professors and 1 associate professor. There are 9 master graduate students, including 1 foreign student. In the past five years, the institute has undertaken 1 National Natural Science Foundation Project, 5 Basic Scientific Research Projects of Central Universities, 2 Open Funds of Provincial and Ministerial-level Key Laboratories, and 6 research projects on new drug development and hospital preparations; has guided 2 National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects for undergraduates, 5 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects for undergraduate students, and 1 Innovation Project of “Zhide Funding” at Lanzhou University; has published more than 30 high-level original research papers and has won a Gansu Provincial Pharmaceutical Development Award.

The Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis now can provide 7 courses including "Pharmaceutical Analysis", "Medicine and Life" ,"Modern Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Ethics" , “Drug Analysis in vivo ", and "Clinical Drug Analysis" for undergraduate students and 3 courses including "Modern Drug Analysis", "New Technologies and Methods for Drug Analysis" and "Progress in Analytical  Methods in Life Sciences" for postgraduate students.

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