Institute of Pharmaceutical Industrial Economics and Pharmaceutical Administrat..

Institute of Pharmaceutical Industrial Economics and Pharmaceutical Administration is an applied science research institute of School of Pharmacy, Lanzhou University. The institute is based on the western of China and investigates the application and management of pharmaceutical industrial economy. The research orientations of the institute are the application investigation of regional pharmaceutical industry economic development, micro-pharmaceutical management, and pharmaceutical marketing .There are three research directions in the institute, 1) the economics of pharmaceutical industry, 2) pharmacy management, 3) Pharmaceutical marketing. The Institute is striving to produce excelled research results in the application of pharmacy; to educate the future applied scientific research professional experts, to  improve the ability in application of the target disciplines, to track the latest research frontiers in the world; to actively undertake the top research projects, and to serve the local economic development.  The institute has 2 permanent researchers, including 1 associate professor and 1 lecturer, and 8 non-fixed researchers. The institute has used research projects as links to establish a network group in which experts come from inside and outside of the Lanzhou University. The experts in the group include well-known experts of the entrepreneurs in the fields of pharmacy, Chinese traditional medicine, economics, and management.

The Institute has made great achievements in teaching and scientific research. Over the past 10 years, the research team has devoted to the economic development of the pharmaceutical industry in Gansu province; has finished more than 20 government commissioned projects, such as, “Overall Plan for the Development of a Comprehensive Experimental Zone for the Development of a National Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry in Gansu Province" "Lanzhou National Biological Industry Base Overall Development Plan" "Dingxi National TCM Pharmaceutical Raw Material Supply Guarantee Base Overall Construction Plan" “ Gansu Province "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan of Drug Industry Development". It has provided intellectual support for the development of local characteristic industries and has been recognized by Gansu Provincial Government, Lanzhou City Government, Dingxi City Development, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and other government departments and research institutes. The benefits of services in science and technology of the institute are outstanding.

The institute can provide courses including "Pharmacy Management", "Pharmaceutical Marketing”,” Drug Management and Management” and "Pharmaceutical Marketing" for undergraduates and graduate Students. The book named "Pharmacy Management" edited by director of the institute, associate professor Zhen Luo, has been published by Tsinghua University Press.

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